Our involvement in Motorsport

Part of our passion for cars stems from our involvement in motorsport. Locky is our Motorsport specialist having gained experience with Osborne Motorsport working in the production sports car championship resulting in a Class C win at the Bathurst Six Hour race in 2021 and responsible for the tuning, setup and part of the pit crew support for the Outright winner of the 2022 Bathurst 6 Hour run by Tegra Australia.
For 2022 whilst continuing to support Osborne Motorsport in the production car championship Bromspec Motor Works is a proud sponsor of the Josh Haynes Motorsport car in the TA2 Muscle Car Series.

The TA2 Series features purpose-built race cars fully imported from the USA and provides an exciting format containing many up-and-coming drivers some with significant family heritage in Australian Motorsport.

One of those up-and-coming drivers is Josh Haynes who helped Osbourne win Class C at Bathurst in 2021 and the key reason for Bromspec sponsoring his car in the Muscle Car Series.
Locky is actively involved in the mechanical support and strategy for the Josh Haynes Motorsport team and is excited to be able to contribute to the success of this young talented driver.


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Why Choose US
MTA Member
Family Business
Specialist mechanics experienced in both road and race car preparation
Vehicle Tester
Since 1998
Locky Donohue
Locky started his career in a small family run business in the lower north shore inevitably working on mostly European marques with a high percentage of BMWs.
His interest in motorsport saw him join the Osbourne Motorsport team on the weekends working in the production sports car championship around the country and helping other motorsport teams in various competitions as the opportunities arose. His work moved to the main Lotus importer/dealer after helping to set up Julian’s Lotus at the Targa High Country. Locky’s particular interest is performance tuning, track day preparation and support
Julian Donohue
Julian has always been a car enthusiast but until buying Bromspec has spent his working life as a corporate management consultant most recently as a Managing Partner for Customer Experience Design at a Sydney based consulting practice. Since taking over Bromspec in 2020 Julian has gained significant experience in the service management & parts interpretation function and has implemented a modern workshop and customer management system.
Julian’s passion is any area that impacts and improves customer and user experience his mission with Bromspec is to bring a new level of customer experience to the independent mechanical workshop.          
Jarrod McCabe
Apprentice Mechanic
Jarrod is our 3rd year Apprentice Mechanic. Who worked with Locky doing work experience at Lotus before deciding that being a mechanic was going to be his career. Jarrod is actively involved in our service and repair work and has quickly learnt some of the nuances of working with European cars.
Tom Beverley
Workshop Manager
Tom has been a mechanic since 2014 starting his career at Kmart Tyre and Auto on the lower North Shore where he gained deep experience on a wide range of European cars. Tom rose to the position of Assistant Manager before joining Bromspec in 2018.
Since joining Bromspec Tom has worked mainly on BMW, Mercedes, Audi and VW and is especially skilled with BMW maintenance and repair.
Sam Jones
Apprentice Mechanic
Sam is our new Apprentice Mechanic. Sam grew up in the country and has a natural affinity for all things mechanical and a sound practical understanding gained from working on agricultural machinery a remote property. Sam is actively involved in our service and repair work and is quickly applying some of his practical experience to some of the nuances of working on European cars.
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