BMW DPF Cleaning & Tyre Fitting Service Manly

Situated in Manly, Bromspec Motor Works is one of Australia’s leading car repair and service providers for premium European cars. Our highly experienced technicians have been highly trained and possess knowledge of the workings of these premium cars. We have been providing repairs and service for premium brands of cars including BMW, Audi and Mercedes. We see to it that these prestigious cars are handled with extreme care and caution and our service guarantees the same.

We provide services for petrol or diesel cars alike. For diesel vehicles, we provide the BMW DPF cleaning service. DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter. The DPF is a device that is fitted in all diesel vehicles to remove any diesel particulate fine matter or any soot from the exhaust gases coming out of the car diesel engines. 

The DPF thus helps in reducing release of particulate matter in the air. As you drive a diesel vehicle, the soot or ash from the diesel that doesn’t get converted into gas, gets deposited on the diesel particulate filter. Over a period of time, there is a build-up of particulate matter on the filter causing increases in pressure in the engine system that may damage the car engine. Hence, it is important that there is regular BMW DPF cleaning service carried out for these diesel driven vehicles.

At Bromspec Motor Works, we service all kinds of Diesel particulate filters like:

  • Ceramic Wall flow filters
  • Silicon carbide wall flow filters
  • Cordierite flow filters
  • Paper filters
  • Metal-fiber flow through filters
  • Partial filters

During BMW DPF cleaning service, the filters go through a regeneration process that removes the soot deposited on the filter thereby reducing the system pressure. If the DPF is not serviced or cleaned regularly, too much particulate matter gets deposited on the filter and then we may have to replace the filter which may get costly in case of premium vehicles. Hence, regular servicing of the DPF is recommended.

Another aspect of BMW servicing that we provide is the BMW tyre fitting. One of the reasons behind the smooth driving experience of the BMW is the high quality and heavy duty tire. In Manly, Bromspec Motor Works is one of the few places where you can get the BMW tyre fitting done using techniques prescribed the BMW. 

We source exclusive high performance lightweight tyres directly from the manufacturers so that you get only high quality tyres fitted to your BMW. Depending on the type of roads, climate, we prescribe the right kind of tyres to improve the fuel efficiency and performance of your cars. Our trained technicians can perform BMW tyre fitting of all series of BMW including the latest series using the right kind of equipment necessary for such premium vehicles. 

Even during instances of flat tyres, we assist you in replacing tyres without causing any damage to your car. We follow high performance and quality standards in our work. In Manly, Bromospec is one of the few places where qualified technicians provide tips and techniques to keep your vehicle perform optimally for a long time.