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Dpf Cleaning and Tyre Fitting Manly

Situated in Manly, Bromspec Motor Works is one of Australia’s leading car repair and service providers for premium European cars. Our highly experienced technicians have been highly trained and possess knowledge of the workings of these premium cars. We have been providing repairs and service for premium brands of cars including BMW, Audi and Mercedes. We see to it that these prestigious cars are handled with extreme care and caution and our service guarantees the same.


BMW DPF Cleaning & Tyre Fitting Service Manly

We provide services for petrol or diesel cars alike. For diesel vehicles, we provide the BMW DPF cleaning service. DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter. The DPF is a device that is fitted in all diesel vehicles to remove any diesel particulate fine matter or any soot from the exhaust gases coming out of the car diesel engines.

The DPF thus helps in reducing release of particulate matter in the air. As you drive a diesel vehicle, the soot or ash from the diesel that doesn’t get converted into gas, gets deposited on the diesel particulate filter. Over a period of time, there is a build-up of particulate matter on the filter causing increases in pressure in the engine system that may damage the car engine. Hence, it is important that there is regular BMW DPF cleaning service carried out for these diesel driven vehicles.

At Bromspec Motor Works, we service all kinds of Diesel particulate filters like:

  • Ceramic Wall flow filters
  • Silicon carbide wall flow filters
  • Cordierite flow filters
  • Paper filters
  • Metal-fiber flow through filters
  • Partial filters

During BMW DPF cleaning service, the filters go through a regeneration process that removes the soot deposited on the filter thereby reducing the system pressure. If the DPF is not serviced or cleaned regularly, too much particulate matter gets deposited on the filter and then we may have to replace the filter which may get costly in case of premium vehicles. Hence, regular servicing of the DPF is recommended.

Another aspect of BMW servicing that we provide is the BMW tyre fitting. One of the reasons behind the smooth driving experience of the BMW is the high quality and heavy duty tire. In Manly, Bromspec Motor Works is one of the few places where you can get the BMW tyre fitting done using techniques prescribed by the BMW.

We source exclusive high performance lightweight tyres directly from the manufacturers so that you get only high quality tyres fitted to your BMW. Depending on the type of roads, climate, we prescribe the right kind of tyres to improve the fuel efficiency and performance of your cars. Our trained technicians can perform BMW tyre fitting of all series of BMW including the latest series using the right kind of equipment necessary for such premium vehicles.

Even during instances of flat tyres, we assist you in replacing tyres without causing any damage to your car. We follow high performance and quality standards in our work. In Manly, Bromospec is one of the few places where qualified technicians provide tips and techniques to keep your vehicle performing optimally for a long time.

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Services & Maintenance

At Bromspec Motor Works, our car servicing takes out the hassle and stress of looking after your prestige vehicle.

Performance Upgrades

Our performance upgrades cover engine, braking and suspension components.

Track Day Support

Staying on the track and out of the pit lane is a crucial part of enjoying your track day whether you are a beginner or a well-heeled track day driver.

Pre Purchase Inspections

Even if you are a car enthusiast, it can be hard to know what you’re really getting when buying a used vehicle.

Warranty Inspections

If you are coming to the end of a dealer or independent warranty period it is often worth having an independent inspection to ensure that you get the maximum value out of your warranty and are not faced with a sudden unexpected bill that could otherwise have been covered.

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At Bromspec Motor Works, we pride ourselves on our world class customer care and customer service.
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After being a long time customer of the previous owner Alistair, having intricate work done to our business vehicle, we decided to give the new owners a shot and all we can say is that we're impressed! A genuine attention to customer care like we have not experienced anywhere else, coupled with close attention to detail and on performance and engine parts. The new owners are great with a wide variety of knowledge and going out of their way to make customers feel a sense of trust and comfort for even the biggest of jobs. A big thank you goes to Locky (one of the new owners) who went above and beyond fixing alignment issues at no extra cost which he picked out upon working on the vehicle. Many mechanics are a rip off and have little to no knowledge on performance vehicles. The new Bromspec team are not that.. Could not recommend them highly enough! If you are in the beaches or north shore and have a bmw, this is the place to go!


After hearing positive after positive after positive feedback from hundreds of people about Bromspec, I finally decided to take my BMW there for some performance upgrades. Great service, fair pricing, Knowledgeable team and quick turnaround ! Definitely bring your bmw here no matter the model, this place has been nothing but AAA+++

Kosta Patapis

They get engines. Good service, reasonable prices. Better than most. Seriously interested in quality work.

Michael Molins

Julian and Locky are passionate enthusiasts, who will provide you the best care and service for your BMW. Couldn’t be happier.

Mei Cao

I could not recommend the gents at Bromspec any higher. My vehicles issues was instantly diagnosed, they did what three other mechanics couldn’t do! The service is second to none and I will not take my vehicles any where else in Sydney. The best.

J Rab

The team at Bromspec offer a truly professional experience, from customer service to working on your vehicle, they go the extra mile. Highly recommend.

Alex Giffin

Great service, experienced mechanics and very professional. New owners Julian and Lockie were wonderful. I had warning light issues and needed replacement parts. They showed me the prior part which was broken and explained what needed doing. They managed to rectify a seat problem quickly that would have cost a bomb if I had gone to the BMW service centre. Would highly recommend. Great with women as well

Jenny West

Bromspec looked after my X5's timing chain issue no problem. Great guys and great pricing. Will definitely be using them in the future as well as recommending them to others.

Harry Smith

Top blokes who are happy to help anyone out in need and know there BMW. Thanks


I am absolutely loving the new owners they are easy going always happy and know their s***. Lachie always has time as soon as I walk in with an enquiry! Easy rates that don't hurt my wallet. Highly recommended

Kyla Poate

Amazing service. The team kept us always in the loop! Fast delivery and good communication! Thank you for this service experience!

Mareike Strauch

Awesome new owner. Very good work

Michael Fogarty

A big thank you to Bromspec. Fantastic work and impressive turn around.

J Michael

Superb, top level service. Honest and professional. Would highly recommend.

Antonella Lopez

Recently under new management and I was impressed by their depth of mechanical knowledge, excellent customer service + communication. I will not take my car anywhere else.

Grant Davies

Bromspec looked after my X5's timing chain issue no problem. Great guys and great pricing. Will definitely be using them in the future as well as recommending them to others.

Harry Smith

Amazing family business. Passionate and knowledgeable. Honest and great value. I think they love my car maybe more than I do. Great for general servicing and maintenance and unreal for tuning and performance upgrades.

Richard Farrelly
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