BMW & Audi Pre Purchase / Rego Inspection Northern Beaches

At Bromspec Motor Works, we do handle bmw rego inspections correctly. If you are in Northern Beaches or its surrounding environs, we are available to handle the work for you. We can do the pink slip inspection to BMW of more than three years.

If your BMW runs out of rego for more than three months, or whatever reason it is unregistered, then you need a blue slip BMW rego inspection. This inspection covers the normal pink slip safety inspection plus a more thorough check of the car’s history. Then, of course, you’ll still need a Green Slip and receive your new number plates. By all means, call back to see us, and we’ll do BMW rego inspections for you.

Pre-purchase inspection

At Bromspec Motor Works, we deal in Audi pre-purchase inspections. We have experts who are highly experienced in the inspection process. If you wish to purchase an Audi and you want to be sure of its quality, you need to contact our specialists in Northern Beaches who will first ascertain your car’s condition.

At Bromspec Motor Works, we suggest the following Audi pre-purchase inspections:

  • Checking the quality of the paintwork of the body. We have tools to evaluate the thickness of the paint – thickness gauges. According to this parameter, it is possible to determine whether the car was painted in car-care centers, or if it has native factory paint.
  • Diagnosis of the state of the car’s suspension. We will check the suitability for further operation of all elements of the machine suspension.
  • Computer diagnostics. With this service, you will know about the technical condition of the electronics in your car. This includes computer diagnostics of the engine, airbags, electronic components under the hood, electronic parking brake and other electronic components.
  • Diagnosis of transmission cars. Our company’s specialists will check the condition of your automatic transmission, manual transmission, robotic or CVT.

All the above steps of Audi pre-purchase inspection are undertaken by our able experts.

At Bromspec Motor Works, we offer our customers a new unique service, a complete BMW pre-purchase inspection.

Our Services;

  • Checking suspension
  • Checking brake system
  • Monitoring air conditioning systems
  • Cooling system check
  • Measuring engine compression
  • Checking availability of the required level of all technical liquids
  • Ignition systems check

If you are sure of the excellent BMW you wish to buy, then go through a BMW pre-purchase inspection in Northern Beaches before buying your car.

Why You Should Choose Us

  • We provide professional car selection services for your criteria in Northern Beaches.
  • We will help you to avoid expensive mistakes, assist in the purchase of a car, and help you become the owner of the desired car with a clean history and at the best price.
  • Services are fully paid off at the bargaining stage.
  • We do offer a service for our customers where we send you a text message reminder approximately a month before the registration is due.
  • We work without a commission.
  • No need to make a BMW pre-purchase inspection booking.

Get in touch with us and be sure of a safe drive.