BMW Pre Purchase / Rego Inspection Manly

Primarily, Bromspec Motor Works is a place for getting top quality service for all kinds of European cars. 

Our experienced and trained experts specialize in servicing and fault diagnosis of cars, providing perfect solutions to help you enjoy trouble-free driving. We also perform inspection of cars for renewing registration as well as BMW pre-purchase inspections.

In Australia, for the safety of people travelling in cars, there are strict policies with regards to regular car inspection and regular renewal of car registrations. These BMW pre-purchase inspections in Manly help you catch repair issues before they turn into expensive problems or breakdown or accident. Regular registrations also help keep track of the list of vehicles and their owners in each state of the country that proves useful during crime detection. 

The process for a car inspection and registration is quite time-consuming and involves some paper work as well that sometimes becomes cumbersome. You need some experienced and authorized representative to perform all these tasks within stipulated time.

Bromspec Motor Works is your one-stop shop for finishing the entire registration inspection process. We are a professional motor services company in Manly and a trusted name for services, repairs and inspection for all types of European premium vehicles like BMW, Mercedes, Audi. So, if you need to get BMW rego inspections in Manly, all you have to do is to give us a call, hand over the required documents and relax. We take care of the entire process.

For cars that are more than 5 years old, the following is the procedure for inspection:

  • We bring your vehicle to our repair shop.
  • Our expert mechanics perform a thorough inspection of various aspects of your cars like brake system, light systems, wheel bearings, wheels, exteriors, etc. 
  • They then check for any wear and tear or leaks in your car.
  • This inspection generally takes 30-50 minutes.
  • Post inspection, our personnel provide a result of the eSafety check or what was previously called pink slip.
  • We electronically send the results of the safety inspection to the government officials who then carry out the renewal function.
  • After inspection, we send the car back to you
  • Once the government renews your registration, we send the renewed registration certificate to you.

In addition to repairs, service and rego inspection services, our team of experts also helps you choose the right kind of cars by helping you perform BMW pre-purchase inspection. Suppose you have found yourselves the right kind of used BMW car that matches your requirements? It is necessary that you get a BMW pre-purchase inspection in Manly done from Bromspec Motor Works. 

This inspection helps you find any mechanical or safety issues with the car before you actually purchase the BMW. We provide a detailed report of cosmetic, mechanical and safety condition of the car you wish to purchase.  We have saved many car owners from buying a faulty car and made sure that sellers of used cars do not take advantage of vulnerable car buyers. 

Our thorough BMW Rego inspection is done by qualified and expert mechanics. Our exhaustive check-list covers over 125 items for inspection that provides you confidence that the car you purchase is safe to be used and can be used for many years in the future.