BMW Pre Purchase / Rego Inspection Beacon Hill

Once every year, all the car owners have to get their cars re-registered, including the BMW owners. This makes sure that the State has an updated list of the vehicles and their owners. It also helps them assure that the cars running around on the road are safe. BMW rego inspections is a long and tiresome process. If you are in Beacon Hill, you can contact us to handle the entire process for you. All you have to do is give us a call and hand over the required papers.

The Process Of Rego Inspection

BMW rego inspection has three steps after which you will be able to re-register your car.

  • Pink Slip
  • Blue Slip
  • Green Slip

The pink slip is the safety inspection and is a must for BMWs or any car that is over 5 years old. This process takes approximately 20 minutes. The blue slip is for the unregistered cars where a thorough check of the history of the car is carried out along with the safety check.

If it has been over three months since your last rego-inspection expired or you are getting an interstate car, you will need this slip. And it is only after getting the blue slip that you can pay the registration fees and get a new number plate for your car. For the compulsory third party insurance, you will need a green slip.

Bromspec can not only take care of the entire process of BMW rego inspection in Beacon Hill but also fix the new number plate for you.

The Pre-purchase Inspection
BMW is a dream car for most people while not all of them could afford to buy an entirely new one. So, they buy a second-hand car. But how sure you often are that the car you are buying from someone else won’t start troubling you instantly? BMW pre-purchase inspection is the best way to determine the vehicle you are buying will not need expensive mechanical and safety remedies, apparent or hidden.

In the pre-purchase inspection, the car is checked for mechanical, cosmetic and safety conditions of the car you are intending to buy and a detailed report is constructed. So, if you want to avoid buying a car that is poorly maintained, we suggest that you get the BMW pre-purchase inspection done by a qualified and expert mechanic in Beacon Hill. It is also advisable to get the pre-purchase done on the car that you are purchasing interstate.

Issues Checked In BMW pre-purchase inspection

  • The overall condition
  • Visual issues
  • Broken parts and leaks
  • Analysis of engine
  • Road test
  • Damage in the frame
  • Poor previous repairs, if any
  • Other damages

We only let the experts take the detailed look of the car you are about to buy. Their experienced eyes can catch a glimpse of any issue in the car. They can tell if the frame has been damaged or some novice has ever repaired the car. This will help you in getting duped and spending a lot of money on a second hand car.