BMW Pre Purchase / Rego Inspection Allambie

If you are looking for someone to take care of BMW rego inspections in Allambie, BromSpec is the best place for you. The whole point of BMW pre-purchase inspection is to make sure your BMW is safe for the roads and wouldn’t be hazardous to you or anyone else. Operating a car that’s unregistered is a big deal in Sydney, So, you must take it seriously.

We can take care of inspection for registration renewal and for pre-purchase both.

Inspection For Registration Renewal

Looking for an authorised inspection station in Allambie for an e-safety check or a pink slip? We are the answer. Both e-safety check and pink slips involve the same test but the former is the electronic report while the latter is the physical report. This inspection is carried out before you renew the registration for your BMW to make sure it is still safe to run on the road. This BMW rego inspection is required for all the BMWs and other vehicles who are older than three years. For any queries, contact our experts anytime for free advice.

BMW pre-purchase inspection

Before buying a used BMW, make sure you take it for BMW pre-purchase inspection in Allambie. A full investigation will be carried out for giving it a clean chit on its health. We can inspect the interior, exterior and all the functions of your car starting with paintwork, bodywork and physical & mechanical structure. This will identify the areas that are rusting along with the parts that need to be either fixed or replaced.

Then the electrical components will be checked for their functionality. We also check the transmission, the engine and other core components. This makes you sure that the BMW that you have so lovingly bought will not deceive you the second you take it out for the ride.

The White Slip

We must make you aware of the fact that not every vehicle passes the test. If a car is not roadworthy, it gets a white slip. It is a basic report that indicates what needs to be done to make the car safe for the roads. If the registration of your BMW lapses before you obtain a pink slip or before you complete the services mentioned in the white slip, you might face certain consequences.

The fine charged in that case is steep and an automatic charge is triggered for an unregistered vehicle. Also, some demerit points are issued to the car owner. And if the issue escalates to court, the fine could leave a considerable dent in your pocket.

So, be it BMW rego inspections in Allambie or BMW pre-purchase inspection, we can always help you. And not just with BMW, we also assist in the inspection of other cars and vehicles as well. Our experts are experienced in the field and will always advise the best to you. If you have questions, you can ask them for clarification and suggestions as well. We know your car is important to you and we like to make it safe as well.