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After being a long time customer of the previous owner Alistair, having intricate work done to our
business vehicle, we decided to give the new owners a shot and all we can say is that we're
A genuine attention to customer care like we have not experienced anywhere else, coupled with close
attention to detail and on performance and engine parts.
The new owners are great with a wide variety of knowledge and going out of their way to make
customers feel a sense of trust and comfort for even the biggest of jobs.
A big thank you goes to Locky (one of the new owners) who went above and beyond fixing alignment
issues at no extra cost which he picked out upon working on the vehicle.
Many mechanics are a rip off and have little to no knowledge on performance vehicles. The new
Bromspec team are not that..
Could not recommend them highly enough! If you are in the beaches or north shore and have a bmw,
this is the place to go!