BMW Pre Purchase / Rego Inspection Curl Curl

Once every year, you have to go for the BMW rego inspections and get you car re-registered. There are three steps for that:

  • You have to clear the safety inspection and get a pink slip
  • For the third party insurance, you have to obtain the green slip, and lastly
  • Pay fees to RMS.

The process is tiresome and time-consuming. But in Curl Curl, you don’t have to worry about that. We can take care of everything for you. You can call us your One-stop shop for the BMW rego inspections.

Pink Slip Inspections

We carry out this inspection to a car that’s older than 5 years, in Curl Curl to make sure your car is ready and safe for the roads. Whether you need the pink slip inspection or not is usually stated in your registration renewal papers. If your car passes the safety check, we will send the electronic reports to the RMS, i.e. Roads and Maritime Services.

In case your car fails the BMW rego inspections for the pink slip, you will receive a report stating what repairs your car needs. You have to get it done under two weeks. After that, you will have to pay for a new inspection. After the repairs are done, we carry out a follow-up checkup without any extra charge within 14 days.

However, if for some reason your car is unregistered, you will need a blue slip. This usually happens if your BMW rego inspections have been expired for over 3 months, or you are bringing a car to Curl Curl from interstate. In blue slip inspection, we carry the safety check along with a more thorough inspection.

The Green Slip

After getting the pink or blue slips, you have the option to purchase the green slip. It provides compensation for people injured or killed in a car accident. You will find the use-by date printed on the green slip. The six months green slip’s use-by date is 21 days after the due date of renewal of registration. If you renew the registration after that period, you will have to do it for a year.
Once you have the green slip, you will have to go to the RMS office for completing the paperwork and getting new number plates. We fix those number plates for you. If you need, we can also notify you about the BMW rego inspections, a month prior to its due date.

We are certified to carry out the vehicle inspections in Curl Curl. Our technicians are experienced and skilled. With us, you will save a lot of time in the process and can do other important work without stressing about it. If your car is with us, be assured that it is in good hands.
BMW rego inspections are important because they tell you if your car is safe for you and others. Also, if you are buying a used car, you would want to know if it is worth all the money you are paying for it. You would want to be sure that it won’t break down as soon as you start it and will not keep eating your money. It is called a pre-purchase inspection and we can do that for you as well.