BMW Air Conditioning Service Curl Curl, NSW

The air conditioning in BMW adds to its driving experience. An efficient air conditioning doesn’t just provide the right temperature, it also keeps the interior cabin free of dust and allergens. Hence, keeping it running flawlessly is an integral part of its maintenance. You must get it checked and have it serviced regularly. We are the best providers of BMW air conditioning service in Curl Curl and we only deal with genuine spare parts.


Air conditioning recharge in BMW is a perfect option if your AC is unable to deliver the preferable temperature or if you are unable to de-fog your windshield. This BMW aircon service includes a comprehensive system checkup for leaks and pressure. We completely drain the lubricants and fluids and refill them. We are the experts of air conditioning recharging in Curl Curl.


Go for refresh BMW air conditioning service if your car has started losing its new smell. We clean the unit, disinfect the air duct system and evaporator and then we treat the vents and the interior to keep your car smelling like new a little longer.

What Does Our BMW Aircon Service Include?

Our BMW air conditioning service in Curl Curl is comprehensive. We completely drain down the old air conditioning gas and perform a full vacuum test in it to identify any possible leaks. We also remove any moisture from the system. If your AC fails in the Vacuum test, means, if there is a leak in the system, we test it for leaks with nitrogen-free oxygen.

If there are no leaks, we refill the unit with the correct amount of refrigerant and inject new oil in the system. To help detect leaks in the future, we also inject UV dye in the air conditioning system. We also provide a full report to the BMW Aircon Service.

Why Hire Us?

We are the best in Curl Curl when it comes to servicing the air conditioning of any car, including BMW. We have a lot to offer you. Our technicians are professionals, expert and have appropriate degrees for their job. They know their area of work extremely well and our decades of experience have made us skilled in whatever we do.

We have the manpower and the technology to deliver the best possible results to you. You can get your precious cars up and running efficiently in no time and at an extremely competitive cost. Air conditioning is an extremely important part of your car. If you experience any issue with it, you must instantly consult an expert. Even if you don’t see an issue, you must get it checked regularly. Our BMW air conditioning service helps you in maintaining the environment of your car.

We always suggest that you should use the AC of your car often if not always. When not used, the microfilter in the unit can suffer the build-up of mould and microbes. Using it often will also avoid the musty smell that often builds up in your car.