Mercedes & BMW Air Conditioning Service Allambie

The air conditioning of Mercedes, or any car for that matter, isn’t built to last for life. Often the car owners fail to notice the gradual decline in the performance of the air conditioning of their cars. You must go for Mercedes air conditioning service at least once in every two years. We are the best service provider for ac servicing for Mercedes in Allambie. Apart from Mercedes, we are also known for the BMW air conditioning service.

Our Process

Our Mercedes air conditioning service comes in two parts. The first is re-gas where we replace the gas and fluids in the AC of your car that might have escaped in the past years. Next comes the standard cleaning where we clean the tunnels and hoses to make sure you get the cold air and no unpleasant smell.


As already mentioned, in this step we replace the fluids and gas that might have been worn out in time. Fluids and gas affect how cool your car stays in the scorching heat. We also check for possible leaks so that your car doesn’t consume more fuel to deliver the same comfort due to the leak. Apart from that, this process also helps in making sure that the ventilation works properly in winters as well because AC also works as a dehumidifier and hence an AC in a good working condition can clear the mist.


Our AC cleaning process makes it effective to maximum strength. We not only remove fluids, gas, dye and oil from the system, we also clean the entire air conditioning unit. Our experts are skilled in getting rid of the moisture even from hard to reach spots. We bring back the system to its pristine state and fill it with gas and fluids. We test the unit to make sure it has improved. A similar process is carried out by our BMW air conditioning service.
Things We Offer AC Servicing With
Our Mercedes air conditioning service in Allambie includes recharging refrigerant along with replacing the receivers and drivers. We also clean and repair the vents. We inspect tubes and seals and check blower motor and resistor. We clean both radiators and condensers. We also check evaporators, valves, switches, control modules, solenoid, relays, blend doors, etc.

Why Us?

We have certified technicians who are factory-trained. We maintain a comprehensive history of your vehicle for optimizing its trade value. We have decades of experience in the field and we know the best way to service the AC of your precious car. Apart from Mercedes, we also provide BMW air conditioning service. Whatever is the issue with the air conditioning of your car, we can fix it. A leak, chipped fan, cracked hose, anything at all, we are experts in dealing with all kinds of problems with all kinds of cars.

With us, you can be assured that your car is in good hands because we are reputable in what we do.